When you’re planning a home décor project, keeping up with the latest interior design trends can sometimes feel like a risk. What if the trend you pick goes out of fashion within a few years? Well, in our experience, although design trends constantly evolve, they don’t date that quickly. So, why not consider incorporating some of these trends into your home?



Here are some of the best interior design trends of 2020 that we think are set to last!



Dark kitchens



Photo credit: Amberth


Dark kitchens is a trend that’s been climbing up the popularity ladder over the last few years. But this year they’ve really taken off. 


The trend is exactly as the name suggests – kitchen cabinetry in dark colours such as black, dark greys or inky blues. 


You can go all-in by adding dark worktops, sinks and brassware. Or keep it more subtle by mixing dark and light cabinets together with light or contrasting shades of worktops and other accessories. 


And dark kitchens don’t have to be gloomy. This all-black kitchen we designed in London a little while ago works well in this open-plan space. There’s plenty of natural light, and the white walls and mirror splashback bounce light into the room to enhance the sense of space. While the striking black cabinetry, worktops and brassware create a sense of luxury and drama.




Biophilic design


Biophilic design has become increasingly popular this year and has shaped up to be one of 2020’s most used interior design trends. It’s a design inspired by nature, mixing natural materials with light and plants in modern homes. 


Photo credit: House Beautiful


As well as creating a space that’s beautiful to look at, living in a more natural environment has health and well-being benefits too. Such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and increasing productivity.


This design is perfect for rooms that have plenty of natural light. To get the look, incorporate furniture in natural materials like stone, wood and metals. Add soft furniture in colours found in nature, such as vibrant greens, or the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows of autumn. And for the finishing touch, add plenty of indoor plants, living walls or even an indoor garden.



Home office


With the increase in people working from home this year, having a suitable space to work in has become more important.


Working at a cluttered kitchen table or in a messy spare room might have been ok as a short-term solution, but as time goes on, setting up a more permanent workspace makes sense.    


Photo credit: Amberth



Converting a spare room is the best solution if you’re lucky enough to have one. But really, you don’t need that much space. The corner of a room or even a large cupboard will suffice. All you need is a small desk, a large floating shelf or a flip-down shelf that can be tucked away when you’re not using it. And don’t forget the comfy chair.


The important thing is to choose a space that has plenty of natural light. And ensure that it’s uncluttered and clear of any distractions to help you stay productive.



Floral wallpaper – in small amounts



Wallpaper is a great way to add colour and texture to a room. And one of this year’s popular interior design trends wallpaper trends is florals. But forget granny-style florals. The floral wallpapers of 2020 are contemporary, bold and dramatic.


With vibrant and contrasting colours and flowers of varying sizes, there are so many styles to choose from that you’re sure to find one you love. 


You could try vintage florals with pops of colour, more subtle pastel shades, or wallpapers with a mix of vibrant pinks, yellows and blues that will really liven up your home. You can also buy wallpapers with very large florals that can be used as a mural.


Photo credit: Ellie Cashman



These designs will add personality to any room. But we recommend using them in small amounts. Try papering a single wall, keeping the rest of the room neutral and adding in a rug to pull in the colour of the wallpaper. 


The best thing about florals is they never really go out of date. So, if you want to add a bit of colour to your room, this is a trend worth following.



Earth tones


Bring the outdoors in with one of this year’s hottest interior design trends – earth tones.


This trend is all about using soothing colours that are rooted in nature. Think of cosy warm hues like olive greens, chocolate browns, taupe, mustard and burnt orange. Or go for inviting cool greys and beiges.


Photo credit: Te Esse


They bring the warmth of the outdoor environment inside, helping us to connect with nature and make our interiors look homely.


To get the look, incorporate the colours into every part of your décor: walls, floors, furniture and soft furnishings. Use natural materials like wood and go for rustic textures that are found in nature.





This year’s trend sees pastels go from boring and bland to grown-up and sophisticated. 


When we think of pastels, we often think of baby blue and pink. But pastels can be any colour that’s heavily tinted with white. Think duck egg blue, mint, lilac, aqua, peach and dove grey. And it’s their light shades that makes them so versatile.


Photo credit: Amberth


You can mix and match different pastel colours together, such as pinks and creams. Or combine them with other non-pastel shades. And if you want to create something more striking, combine pastels like pinks or yellows with darker shades, such as gunmetal and black. 


Whatever way you decide to use pastels, you’ll always create an overall effect that’s calming.




If you need help introducing any of these interior design trends into your home, contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team!