The importance of timeless design trends is the main reason why people opt for a specific style when they’re thinking about home renovations. If you’d like to upgrade your home and don’t want to go through the same process again anytime soon, think about a style that can last for years. Although you may think that these trends will become boring after a while, you may be surprised. Some trends are carefully crafted in order to survive the battle with time and with just a few decorations here and there, you’ll enjoy your timeless interior for quite some time. You just need to find that perfect way to create a balance between different styles and combine them with your own personal decorating touch. To give you an idea, Amberth are here to provide some insight on some timeless design trends that won’t go out of style. 


Timeless Design Trends


Classic Colours

You can’t go wrong by opting for a neutral palette of colours which can be upgraded in order to provide a stylish interior. Soft colours like beige, grey and off-whites are perfect for any interior, and although you may think they’re boring, these colours can actually help you accentuate any space. Apart from that, these colours also work well with small spaces because they make your room seem much bigger by using all that light reflection.

When it comes to furniture, a classic black-and-white combo is, without a doubt, one of the timeless design trends. It can also help you break the mould with some lighter hues and add a dramatic feel to every room of your living space.


Photo credit: Amberth


Clever Lighting

This is a trick many designers use, so take a page from their book and light up your home a bit. Many homes lack a good lighting system so homeowners are forced to add different lighting options. If you’re in a position do to so, try installing additional lighting in three distinctive spaces: under the kitchen cabinets, in the living room and the hallway.

On the other hand, you can simply add lamps and solve any lighting problem. When choosing new fixtures, try to go for a long-term option and choose nice and subtle options rather than some trendy ones. Try to imagine your home in about ten years and figure out whether you’ll still like that lamp or not.



White Kitchens

White kitchens can be found in many different styles and their main advantage is that they can be uplifted with lots of different details. Whether you want to go all-white or use different shades of white, clean lines are something you need to consider.

Photo credit: Amberth

When it comes to cabinets and appliances, you can opt for neutral colours and add a twist with details like colourful pots and display antique plates, but don’t forget to use rugs to round up the design.


Perfect Plants

This is something that’s rarely the first choice of many people who are renovating their homes, but a controlled splash of nature is never out of style. Apart from doing wonders with purifying the air, plants can be a great addition to every room if you throw interesting ideas into the mix.


You can go small by adding just a few plants to your living room, or, alternatively, cover a huge part of one of your walls with colourful plants and flowers. Even if you’re not good at taking care of plants, don’t worry – simply ask your local florist to recommend you a plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Take into consideration things like natural sunlight in your room and the airflow when picking your new plants.


 Timeless Design Trends



It’s always good to keep up with the latest trends, but this means you’ll always have to update your home. Those changes demand a lot of time and money and if you want to avoid never-ending updates, choosing timeless design trends seems like the perfect option. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with the same design for years because you can always update your space with some trendy items. Search for new décor that will suit your wants and needs. 



Written by Emma Joyce, an Interior Design enthusiast based in Sydney