bespoke adjective

Made specially, according to the needs of an individual customer.
SYNONYM tailor-made
Oxford Dictionary


Bespoke kitchens are about crafting a space that speaks to the heart of its homeowner. That’s why the bespoke kitchen market is thriving. People are craving a unique space; one that distinctly reflects their lifestyle and fosters a sense of belonging.

At Amberth, we understand this desire. That’s why we make sure each kitchen we create is as individual as you are. And every element is designed to bring home the feeling you desire. 

This blog serves as a lookbook showcasing a selection of custom-made kitchen designs dreamed up by our very own clients – and crafted by us. We’ve carefully selected projects that reflect the trends emerging in bespoke kitchen design this year so that you can indulge in inspiration while learning about the evolving landscape of interior design. 



Where Sustainability Meets Style.

Sustainability and style in bespoke kitchen design

The Sandbrook Road Project


In the 21st century, eco-consciousness has become a lifestyle. No longer is it just a trend – now, it’s for the love of our planet.

From energy and water savings to smart technology and responsible manufacturing, modern design has seen an increase in sustainable solutions on the market. And bespoke kitchen design is using them more than ever before.

The Story of the Sandbrook Project: 

Our #LoveDesignHateWaste motto shines through in the Sandbrook Road project. We had the privilege of overseeing every aspect of this build, from design to craft and installation. Industrial luxe was the vision, and we brought it to life with sustainability in mind. We anchored the space with Barazza stainless steel worktops – a favourite for its sleek industrial aesthetic and eco-friendly production. This durable choice was complemented by a brushed stainless steel Quooker tap,  adding a resource-conscious solution with high-end appeal.



Solid Wood; Say No More.

Solid Wood in bespoke kitchen design

The Albion Terrace Project


Nothing says ‘bespoke’ quite like the tailor-made curvatures of wooden furniture. It is, arguably, the most visible representation of a personalised space. It’s no wonder that this feature is popular in bespoke kitchen design.

Ethically sourced woods come widely available and in many forms. From light-toned bamboo to recycled oak with deeper tones. The earthy hues add a touch of raw, organic beauty to any kitchen. With its inherent warmth and grained pattern, what’s not to love?

The Story of Albion Terrace:

This charming, cottage-style kitchen boasts wood as a stand-out feature. The desire was to make nature a welcomed aesthetic within the home, meeting it with an open and modern layout. We installed minimalistic, matte white cupboards for a beautiful contrast between the soft oak wooden floors. The gentle arches of the solid wooden chairs and table added a touch of whimsy and flowed seamlessly within the airy, open space.



The Bold Return of Bright Colours.

The bold return of bright colours in bespoke kitchen design

 Bright Modern High-end Kitchen Project 


While the clean look of neutrals remains popular, bold colour palettes are making a strong comeback. Luxury is finding its way into kitchens through jewel tones like emerald green, rich burgundy reds and crips teals. 

If you’re a lover of neutrals, you can still add some colour with your statement accents. Bold-hued backsplashes, statement pendant lights, and colourful appliances are a great way to add some vibrancy while staying loyal to neutrals.


The Story of The Bright Modern Kitchen Project
For this project, our clients were looking for an all-round revamp inspired by the modern shaker kitchen. As frequent entertainers, they wanted to create a space to remember. We combined modern shaker cabinets with bold blue lacquer for a contemporary twist. The warm wooden shelves and wine rack balance the blue, bringing harmony to this welcoming home.



Blending Indoors With Outdoors.

Bringing nature into interior design The Chesholm Project


The human desire to connect with nature is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Large glass doors, frameless windows, and herb gardens are becoming broadly popular in bespoke kitchen design.

The attraction? Light. Air. And an open atmosphere that makes you forget about the walls around you. Natural light and greenery create an expansive, tranquil space where you can breathe easily. There’s really no drawback to this design trend.

The Story Of the Chesholm Project:
This contemporary kitchen renovation achieved true synergy with the outdoors. We installed custom-made, handless stainless steel units to reflect the natural light flooding the open-plan space. The large window allows your eyes to follow the exposed brick wall into the garden for that indoor-outdoor feel. We topped it off by utilising the broad window ledge to create a comfortable seating area. Perfect for those moments of quiet contemplation.



But First, Storage.



storage solutions for bespoke kitchens

The Durlston Project


Bespoke design puts the power in your hands. So it’s no wonder that storage is a hot topic in customised kitchen design.

Not only does smart storage declutter your space, but it also allows you to showcase the features you want and hide the rest. From built-in knife docks to integrated appliances and hidden compartments – if you can dream it, it’s possible. 

The Story of the Durlston Project:
Storage is a necessity. The art lies in making it classy. Storage was the priority for our client at Durlston Road. Push-to-open cabinets were added to the back of their island, with an overhanging bar that made for a perfect seating place. The star of this design was the unique hidden breakfast unit we crafted to veil smaller appliances for seamless visual beauty.



Functionality Is Key.

functional bespoke kitchen designThe Scandinavian Haven Kitchen Project


Functionality: the ultimate benefit of a customised kitchen. It’s what everything else boils down to. From the flow of the layout to the structure of your cabinets and everything in between – a tailor-made kitchen allows you to design every element of your kitchen. Around your needs. Just the way you want it. Need we say more?

The Story Of the Scandinavian Haven:
We had the privilege of being commissioned by the renowned architect Michael Schranz to design this Scandinavian Haven. The vision was inspired by the Douglas fir theme, with a layout that allows a harmonious flow between their spaces. This family of four needed functionality to be at its finest. And the vision was seamlessly achieved. With a practical layout for ease of movement, quality appliances for stress-free cooking, and cabinetry custom-made to suit their lifestyle needs. Right down to the final spice rack.





A space that speaks to you. That’s our vision.

Our secret ingredient is YOU. With our consultative approach and your dream, nothing is impossible.
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